# Smart City

IoT View Manage online,
control all devices.

Through IoT View, users can quickly check
the installed IoT devices.

Connect the Sustainable World

IoT View - One-Tap Management of Smart Cities

IoT View War Room roadside, off-road, and underground water

Sensors in devices like cameras and charging stations activate when a vehicle is detected, saving energy and sending data to the IoT View platform, which monitors power usage and flags anomalies.

Enhanced system privacy and increased data security

Data will be transmitted to a highly secure cloud platform for cybersecurity protection, providing users with a stable system and ensuring that data is more private and secure.

Big Data Integration Platform

The NHR platform includes a construction reporting platform, IoT View, and NHR War Room. By integrating these data sources, cost savings can be achieved and additional benefits can be created.

Multi-device integration

IoT View can integrate with multiple devices to generate corresponding data from different devices. Through big data analysis, it can predict future environments and proactively take preventive measures.

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