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Environmental Monitor Sensor
Automated monitoring of key indicators provides property owners peace of mind about focal dimensions.
Connect the Sustainable World
Empower urban area to reduce carbon emission efficiently
Visualise risks through multi-sensor environmental monitoring.
Environmental sensors monitor air, water, soil, light, power, and temperature. This enables real-time visualization, alarms, system optimization, and disaster prevention. Frequent data reports may be necessary for high-risk scenarios.
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Promote Workforce Growth in farming industry
Smart farmers collect data for digital innovation
Traditional farmer sense and apply their expertise through own experiences, however, it is difficult to pass it on to the next generation as well as scaling up. With the data anayltics in mind, the farmer becomes precision farming utlizing the data that is easier to scale up and migrating the know-how through generations.
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Promote Workforce Growth and Sustainable Urban Development
Optimize the recipes from the insights of the analytics in big data
Extensive research on micro-climate chambers for crop growth reveals strong correlations between environmental conditions and yields. Analyzing data enables the development of models to optimize yields through appropriate planting configurations.
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Smart Solutions for Monitor water quality, optimize water usage
Monitor water quality, optimise water usage, and also for fish's well-being
The quality of water shall be monitored at all times. In aeroponics, that reduces 90% of the consupmtion in water, on the contract, the nutriunt is vital for not only incubating the plants as well as growing the corps. In hydroponics, the water quality such as Dissolved oxygen, water ph and so on, requires to be monitored for maintening the well-formed conditions for both fish and the plants above.
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Promote Workforce Growth and Sustainable Urban Development
Contribute to goal of zero hunger with limited water scacity
To address the issue of scacity of water resource, the aeroponics reduce the 95% of the water consumptions, but giving more yields and shorter produce cycles, that greatly tackles the two challenge of zero hunger and water scarcity at the same time.
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Promote Workforce Growth and Sustainable Urban Development
Environmental monitoring improves the loss of biodiversity
Our innovative solution torwards biodiversity has been evolved over time. Precision Fishing technology to help fishman catch the target species more consistently and sustainably.
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Our environmental sensors have successfully adapted to various growing environments.
Green House
Key Case Studies
Energy Sensor
3 in 1 Soil EC, Temp.,
Moisture Sensor
ATHP Sensor
CO2 Concentration Sensor
PH Sensor
Solar Radiation Sensor
Feature 01
The sensor operates without needing calibration, reducing deployment and maintenance efforts. The sensor-core design allows for easy swapping of old and new sensors when necessary.
Feature 02
Longer service life with ultra battery capacity (38Ah) and pulse-protected wireless signal transmission design, even with intermittent signal decay.
Feature 03
City travel made easy with real-time parking information via mobile app or on-site message signage, enabling wise and effortless parking location selection for drivers.
Feature 04
Sensor-driven heatmapping and benchmarking optimize parking performance. Real-time occupancy data aids ticketing, while historical big data identifies turnover hotspots. Collaborative ticketing increases revenue based on parking turnover heatmap.
A Smart Parking System that Solves the Puzzle of City Parking
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