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Smart GPS trackers

Deliver the ultimate parking experience that aligns
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Automated trailer and container
identification streamline logistics operations

2.4GHz cross check between trailer and container

2.4GHz cross check between trailer and container

Two(2) GPS tracker will be paired together and linking to the backend for verification to avoid any mis-match.  

Tracking optimization to reduce carbon footprint

Tracking optimization to reduce carbon footprint 

Tracking the route of vehicle provides valuable information for operational optimization. The property owner can plan the route based on the history data in advance and looping the feedback route after route. That saves energy as well carbon footprint, also provide more efficient delivery at the same time.

Solar panel power supply

Solar-powered GPS trackers simplify trailer tracking in third-party logistics by eliminating reliance on vehicle power and enabling easy installation.

Automated pairing between trailer and container trackers

Using the 2.4GHz wireless pairing between the two trackers will reduce the problem of mis-trailing and save energy in operation.

Wireless Transmission Protocol

Smart GPS trackers transmit data over LPWAN (e.g., LoRaWAN, NB-IoT technology) to provide optimal data plans for small data rate applications, thereby reducing total cost of operation.

Efficient Fleet Management with IoT View platform

Fleet tracking, powered by IoT and GPS, is crucial in competitive shipping for real-time insights and optimized management.

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