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We commit -
Empower a Connected Tomorrow :
IoT's Global Impact
on Climate Change
Our tagline encapsulates our mission
IoT is our catalyst for a more united and sustainable world. By harnessing its power, we transcend borders, fostering global unity, and collaboration. IoT's real-time data and smart solutions are pivotal in our fight against climate change. Together, we unlock a greener future—reducing waste, optimizing energy use, and shaping eco-conscious practices. Join us as we maximize IoT's potential, forging a harmonious world for generations to come."
We've achieved ISO14064-1 verification for our carbon emissions
Highlighting our commitment to transparent environmental practices. Our measurement, reporting, and validation processes ensure accurate carbon footprint management for a sustainable future.
In the domain of Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), we proudly hold ISO27001 certification
This global standard reaffirms our dedication to safeguarding sensitive data and digital assets. Rigorous risk assessment and continuous monitoring ensure robust cybersecurity, instilling trust in our clients and partners amid the evolving information security landscape."
Inspires High Schoolers at 2022 Taiwan Sustainability Expo
Under the guidance of NHR's CEO, Johnson Chang, high school students delved into the role of IoT technology in combating climate change and carbon emissions In the 2022 Asia sustainability exhibition in Taiwan
Elevating Futures: NHR's CEO Johnson Chang Empowering Youth in High school Through Positive Psychology
NHR's CEO, Johnson Chang, a certified organizational coach, partnered with New Taipei City Nan Shan High School for a community service event. Since 2006, the program, based on positive psychology, promotes self-awareness through engaging activities like Strengths Dating and Language of Talents, empowering teenagers in a secure and open-minded environment.
On the path to sustainability, we will continue to bring a positive impact on the environment and society.
Our solutions connect the sustainable world