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NHR's Wireless Sensors and SentrolCloud Platform Help Chilean Horse Grain Storage Save on Waste and Loss
The horse grain storage supervisor in Chile faces the challenge of high humidity levels in the storage area. Without real-time data collection and monitoring, the grain quality cannot serve the horses. With this problem comes significant waste and loss of grain quality, which creates a massive cost for the storage facility. Therefore, the supervisor was looking for a real-time data collection system capable of setting out-limit alarms and being easy to use. NHR's solution was to deploy 120 wireless temperature and humidity sensors in every horse grain storage area. These sensors provide real-time data collection for the storage facility, allowing the supervisor to monitor humidity levels and prevent grain damage proactively. The sensors work alongside NHR's SentrolCloud management system, which provides an easy-to-use interface for the supervisor to track humidity levels across the site. SentrolCloud's management system allows the supervisor to set out-limit alarms, so if the humidity rises above a certain level, the system will send an alert to prompt action. Thanks to the NHR's wireless sensors and SentrolCloud platform, the supervisor can now easily maintain the humidity levels in each grain storage location with minimal waste and loss. The system is also cost-effective, making it easier to manage all storage locations with real-time data collection than manually checking each location. In conclusion, NHR's wireless sensors and SentrolCloud platform have solved a significant challenge for the horse grain storage supervisor in Chile. With the easy-to-use platform, real-time data collection, and out-limit alarms, the supervisor can now maintain the humidity levels for each horse grain storage area, reducing waste and loss and saving the storage facility money. ... ( Read More )
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Featuring empowerment of an IoT pioneer leading digital transformation for tranditional verticals
How can a company that has been operating for more than 40 years get rid of the business opportunities of passing on traditional products, time-honored brands, and participating in smart cities? Nietzsche Industries provides the best example! In addition to making good use of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, and improving software and hardware products, Nietzsche Industry is also committed to staying grounded, digging into the pain points and needs of the industry, and providing total solutions for agriculture, fishery, transportation, fire protection, smart homes and other application fields (overall solution) to create a win-win situation. ... ( Read More )
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Taiwan Excellence Award:LPWAN Smart Parking Space Detection System
With leading technologies of LPWAN, the NHR smart parking system is easy to use and can be rapidly deployed. ... ( Read More )
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NHR's Wireless Environmental Sensors Enhance Urban Aeroponic Farming for Singapore 3030 Project
NHR has partnered with the Singapore 3030 project to provide wireless environmental sensors that enhance urban aeroponic farming. NHR S09 series products provide ambient temperature, humidity, CO2, and air-follow sensors. There are also sensors in the nutrition tank that measures temperature, EC, dissolved oxygen, and pH. These sensors help to ensure that the crops are grown in optimal conditions, producing healthier crops and higher yields. NHR integrates the sensor readings into one smart management system, the Sentral Cloud, making it easy for managers to monitor the physical conditions in real time. If anything goes wrong, the manager is immediately notified, allowing quick action to be taken to rectify the issue. The wireless environmental sensors from NHR have proven to be an invaluable addition to the Singapore 3030 project. They have helped to improve the quality and quantity of crops grown on-site. Not only that, but they have also made it easier for managers to monitor the crops, saving time and labor costs. In conclusion, NHR's wireless environmental sensors provide an innovative solution for the Singapore 3030 project that enhances urban aeroponic farming. By using advanced technology to monitor the physical conditions of the crops, the project has been able to improve both the quality and quantity of vegetables produced. These sensors are a must-have for any urban farm looking to improve its operations and increase their crop yields. ... ( Read More )
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NHR participated in a seminar, sharing the new technology of AI combined with IOT applied to train tracks
On 31st October, NHR participated in the 2023 Smart x Safe Railway Risk Management and Operational Efficiency Enhancement Symposium and Intelligent Track Device Exhibition. NHR showcased cutting-edge and reliable smart transportation solutions, attracting over 150 distinguished guests and industry professionals, with the highest representation coming from railway operating agencies and engineering consulting firms.The event was attended by Deputy Minister of Transportation Hu Xiang Lin, Director of Railway Bureau Yang Zheng Jun, Director of Taiwan Railways Administration Du Wei, and Chairman of Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation Zhao Shao Lian, among other prominent guests. Major system integration companies, engineering consultants, architects, and electrical engineers also participated. NHR shared its application of AI combined with IoT for real-time monitoring of track and carriage safety, which has been successfully implemented by the largest railway company in North America. The platform has been instrumental in preventing failures and derailments by identifying potential issues in real-time. It constantly monitors six core issues such as the images of tracks and wheels, which has led to significant cost savings and improved safety for both employees and the general public.NHR provides a solution that cameras are installed on trains, photographing the track at 96.56 km/h. Those images are sent to the edge and processed by cloud computing, which alerts a human operator in real-time whenever a defect or issue is detected. This advanced technology is expected to drive innovation in the transportation sector and enhance railway safety in Taiwan. ... ( Read More )
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