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Connected Horizons: Empowering Sustainable Living through Smart Technology
Global support
The local support team across from five(5) continentals ensuring the solutions land appropriately and seamlessly
R&D Engineering Capability
Self design, in-house fabrication and manufacturing, NHR owns what it takes to fulfill the solutions of different verticals.
Vertical Applications and Operations
NHR owns operational know-how as to in-house developing vertical management platform and connectivity operation locally at scale.
A leading ISO9001-certified manufacturer of wireless communication and power solutions since 1978 Based upon 45-year engineering expertise,NHR empowers the data-driven, scalable and sustainable IoT solutions to the world.
Established an start the production line for TV switches and nobe
Start antenna VHF and UHF radio antenna design and manufacturing and production line
Start ham radio (walky-talky) transceiver and accessories and battery pack production line.
Granted Excellence in Export Award
Start scanner accessories and battery pack production line
Inplant ERP(Enterprice Resource Planning) system and start factory automation process
Start Bluetooth v1.0 headset design and manufacturing line; also start industrial bluetooth transceiver production line
Start energy and power back-up system custimization production line; start security sensing production line
Start in-house development of SentrolCloud management platform and begin with SaaS(Sensor-as-a-service)
Join ZigBee Alliance and nominated as wireless communication leader and start building and home automation production line; start IoT sensor production line in parking, agriculture, and life safety
Granted Taiwan Excellence Award for Smart parking system
GoGoParker mobile APP went on-line; in-house develop monitoring platform for manhole and trash can detection
Nietzsche Enterprise's innovative transformation Big data + AI = great leap forward for traditional industries
3D Augmented Reality (AR) Guided Tour.
Infinite possibilities of a futuristic city
The Purpose of NHR
We make the difference by shifting the operation from experience-driver to data-driven.
The Mission of NHR
We apply proper sensors and management platform to assist customer in landing their own data-driven automation and carbon footprint reduction
The Value of NHR
Operation data comes from the right time and place, then sustainable profit and environment co-exsit
See Our Sustainability Commitment