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Smart Parking System
Deliver the ultimate parking experience that aligns with our commitment to sustainability future.
Connect the Sustainable World
Empower urban area to reduce carbon emission efficiently
Climate-Smart Solutions for Addressing Climate Change Challenges
Reduce emissions of carbon and pollutants
Smart parking sensors with intuitive navigation solutions optimise the search for available parking and EV charging spaces saving fuel and time as well as reducing emissions of carbon and pollutants
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Smart Solutions for Climate Change Mitigation and Smart City Development
Embrace the future of Software Defined Vehicle
Fusion of smar parking service and future self-driving car: Empower the collective services for drivers in cloud-based navigation for self-driving car.
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Strengthen Cybersecurity Measures
Enhance Cyber Security
Going forward the connected world, the cyber security has never been so critical to everyone. We intended to maximize our cyber security architectures allowing us to fit in the industrial grade supply chain as the strongest part of the whole ring in real world applications.
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Smart Solutions for Climate Change Mitigation and Smart City Development
Automate the work flow and beyond
The IoT solutions provides singals in real-time enabling the worker to seamlessly and effectively address the what requires to be done at the right place and right effort.
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Successfully operating for over 800,000 spaces in street parking and car park around the globe
Street Parking
Outdoor Parking
Indoor Parking
Key Case Studies
P01-LW/NW Smart Parking Sensor
P02-LW/NW Smart Parking Sensor
Dismantlable sensor-core design
The sensor operates without needing calibration, reducing deployment and maintenance efforts. The sensor-core design allows for easy swapping of old and new sensors when necessary.
Extended service life
Longer service life with ultra battery capacity (38Ah) and pulse-protected wireless signal transmission design, even with intermittent signal decay.
Smart Parking Navigation
City travel made easy with real-time parking information via mobile app or on-site message signage, enabling wise and effortless parking location selection for drivers.
Revenue-Boosting Big Data Analysis
Sensor-driven heatmapping and benchmarking optimize parking performance. Real-time occupancy data aids ticketing, while historical big data identifies turnover hotspots. Collaborative ticketing increases revenue based on parking turnover heatmap.
A Smart Parking System that Solves the Puzzle of City Parking
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