# Smart Driving Tracking and UBI

On-board Tracker and
Usage-Based Insurance

Smart driving positioning technology combined with
behavior-based driving philosophy advances car insurance,
ensuring safer and more convenient lives for people.

Connect the Sustainable World

On board tracker helps prevent potential overuse and differentiate good driving behavior

Thin & Easy to installation

This slim device is easy to install and handles a wide temperature range, from -20 to 80 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for temporary use in high-temperature settings.

Power Supply

With a built-in rechargeable Ni-MH 650mAh battery, this device operates on 5V DC for temporary signal transmission after the engine stops. Reliable power is essential for in-car wireless identification tags to maintain continuous operation, even when the vehicle loses power or is turned off.

Self-designed and developed

Our product is entirely self-designed and developed, covering software, hardware, and firmware, including chip manufacturing, all completed in Taiwan. This signifies our highest level of control and quality management over the product.

Monitoring Platform

Our professional monitoring platform boasts industry-leading advantages, offering robust functionality and performance alongside customized services tailored to customer needs.

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