# Smart City

Smart PadLocks

Built for advanced security and operation with no hassles

Green Option Available

Connect the Sustainable World

Transparency matters when the logistics company carry precious goods

All the operation about padlock will be logged

Instead of traditional keys, the smart padlock is using wireless key from the portal, therefore all the operation will be logged for audit.

Remote unlock by NB-IoT/LTE-M is available.

Since the smart padlock is unlock by the portal via NB-IoT and LTE-M, therefore, only the authorized manager can logged in the portal and unlock it. That creates extra level of security.

Extra long battery life

Extra large 27Ah Industrial battery gives the padlock up to 5 years battery life(Conditionally). Lock stays in sleep mode and is only awoken for a short activation period when control and report is activated.


The Smart Lock, with its high-resolution GPS sensor, reports its coordinates to the management upon unlocking. This enables dynamic geo-fencing to alert when the lock is opened in unauthorized locations.

A smart way to secure
your property and
simplify your life

A Smart Way to Oversee All the Sewers and Manhole Cover A Smart Way to Oversee All the Sewers and Manhole Cover
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