# LPR Parking System

Roadside Solar-powered
LPR Camera

Experience the convenience a smart and secure lifestyle brings

Connect the Sustainable World

LPR feature strengthens vehicle management and data evidence

In-ground Installation

This doesn’t occupy sidewalk space, offering a convenient and barrier-free setup.

Effective Sony Wide-angle Capability

Handles challenging lighting conditions with up to 120dB dynamic range, ensuring reliable performance in any environment.

99% Accuracy

Provides impressive license plate accuracy day and night, with support for offline retransmission and expandable MicroSD cards.

Solar panel with rechargeable battery

The LPR Solar Power-Saving System offers portable, maintenance-free power at 5-12V DC. Featuring a 10.5Ah rechargeable Ni-Mh battery, it eliminates the need for a basic power circuit, simplifying construction.

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